Frugal Fridays: Hartlepool children go hungry to help others

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SCHOOL pupils are holding a frugal lunch every Friday through Lent to raise money for natural disaster victims.

English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College in Hartlepool have organised The Hunger Lunches in aid of Catholic aid agency CAFOD’s Lent appeal.

It’s difficult cutting out something that we take for granted in our lives.

This year’s fundraising campaign is focused on supporting people affected by floods, droughts and storms.

Naomi Roberts, school chaplain, said: “The idea of a soup fundraiser came from a group of sixth-formers who decided to name them after the book and film, The Hunger Games.

“They’ve been really popular and we’ve raised over £200 so far. It’s difficult cutting out something that we take for granted in our lives, so we’re really glad our students rose to the challenge of standing in solidarity with people around the world who are being affected by the changing climate.”

This Lent, the Government is pledging to match every pound donated to the Lent Fast Day Appeal, meaning the school’s donations will have double the impact.

Naomi added: “We’re always trying to get our students to think about how we can help our neighbours, so we’re proud that they are showing their concern for people in other countries.”

CAFOD supports communities in countries across Asia, Africa and Latin American when weather-related disasters strike and helps victims rebuild their lives.

Justine Greening, CAFOD International Development Secretary, said: “By fundraising this Lent, the students of English Martyrs are making a real difference to people around the world whose lives are vulnerable to floods and devastating storms.

“That is why the UK is doubling donations to CAFOD’s important appeal, to help even more families across Africa and Asia withstand the effects of extreme weather.

“This means around 450,000 people will be better prepared to rebuild their lives when natural disasters strike.”