Fun day relaunches Hartlepool skatepark

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Mill House skate park has been relaunched with a fun day.

 The day was a great success with about 50 children attending and taking part in skateboarding competitions.

 Prizes were donated by businesses including Wet Rock n ride of York Road, York Road, and Fat Dog Skate Shop, of Middlesbrough .

 Richard Shaw, who organised the event, said: “It was great to see the kids encourage each other to do better with each trick.

“The atmosphere was electric. I’ve never seen the park so alive.

 “I would like to thank the many loyal businesses and great friends for making this happen. It couldn’t have been accomplished without the combined community support of so many people”

 He also thanked Richard Harlanderson, of Hartlepool Borough Council, who gave permission to have Mill House Skate Park repainted and provided the paint.

, but also the essential paint needed for the ramps. Mr. Shaw hopes in future to continue working with the council to provide further improvements to the Park. As well as to create other places in Hartlepool to provide the joy of fun as well as the structure of life for the children of our town. Thank you. Kindest regards. Hats off to all the kids that showed up and made the day special