Funeral of murder victim Mark Denton raises £700 for lifesaving service

Mark Denton with his mum
Mark Denton with his mum

THE generous friends and family of tragic murder victim Mark Denton raised almost £700 for charity at his funeral.

His grateful parents have thanked all of the mourners who packed into the Borough Hall to pay their final respects to Mark and dipped into their pockets to donate to the Hartlepool branch of the RNLI.

Mark Denton

Mark Denton

Ann and Brian Denton visited the RNLI’s base, in Irvines Quay, last week when they handed over the cash.

Ann, 69, said: “We put a bucket at the door for people to drop some money in and when I counted it all afterwards we weren’t far off £700.

“We topped it up to £700 and then took the money to the RNLI.

“We didn’t really think about how much we would raise, but I didn’t expect it to be that much.

“It just shows how generous people can be and we are really grateful.”

Ann and Brian, 64, decided they would support the RNLI ahead of the funeral.

As previously reported in the Mail, almost 1,000 mourners crammed in the Borough Hall in what was believed to have been the first funeral at the venue.

His loving family chose the Borough Hall as it was the venue which hosted many of Mark’s must memorable nights as a talented boxer.

Ann, also a mum of Craig, 32, added: “The buckets were full to the brim, there was no more room in them for any more money.

“We could have had some more and raised even more money but to be honest you aren’t thinking straight ahead of the funeral so we didn’t think about that.

“We’d like to thank everyone who dropped some money in though and added to the total, and everyone who came to the funeral.

“It was exactly how Mark would have wanted it.”

Mark, 31, was killed at a house party in Hutton Avenue, Hartlepool, on New Year’s Eve.

Two Hartlepool men, David Sowerby and Anthony Middleton, have been charged with his murder and are currently remanded in custody ahead of the next court date in April.

Another Hartlepool man, Harry Brogden, will appear at Teesside Crown Court tomorrow charged with two counts of intimidating witnesses in connection with the murder case.

Brogden, 40, of Howard Street, on the Headland, entered not guilty pleas when he appeared at Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court last month and was remanded in custody.