Future TV stars in the making

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IT’S lights, camera and action for a group of media-minded primary school pupils.

The talented youngsters at Grange Primary School have swapped the classroom for the studio as they hone their skills as presenters and directors.

Kate Stoddart about to film an interview with Ethan Ludford and Georgia White in the Grange primary school studio.

Kate Stoddart about to film an interview with Ethan Ludford and Georgia White in the Grange primary school studio.

The school, in Owton Manor Lane, Hartlepool, has had its very own studio for around five years and the pupils produce and star in shows which are then uploaded to their own online television channel.

The hard-working crew, made up of key stage two students, film around the school and have built up a huge library of news programmes and reports about life at Grange Primary.

The studio includes a wide range of top-class equipment including cameras, a green screen so the children can change the image in the background and software for the youngsters to edit the shows.

Sheila Walker, media supervisor at the school, works closely with the children on all of the Grange TV projects.

She said: “It’s fantastic for the children to get an opportunity to work on the school’s own television programmes.

“Not only is it extremely fun for them, but it also builds their confidence and self-esteem.

“So many of the children have been extremely enthusiastic over the years and have wanted to play a part and the programmes they produce are brilliant.

“They are still very young but for the children who think they would like a career in television it gives them a head start and some great experience.”

Year six pupil Ethan Ludford has taken part in the television projects throughout the course of the year.

Ethan, 11, said: “I love coming into the studio and working on the television programmes.

“I don’t really know whether TV is something I want to do when I get older but I really enjoy doing it in school.

“One of the parts I really enjoy is the editing on the computer when we have finished the filming.”

Emily Adams, 11, also a year six pupil at the school, said: “It’s brilliant that we have our own television studio in school, I love coming in and doing some filming and presenting.

“When we do our news programmes we report on things that have been happening in the school like how much money we raised on Red Nose Day or our trip to Carlton.

“It’s good that we can go on the internet and watch the shows as well.”

To watch a video of the budding television stars, visit www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk.

People can have a look at the school’s own television channel by logging on to www.grangeprimaryschool.org and following the links to the television channel.