Gem of idea for jewellers

Elliott and Mark Lloyd
Elliott and Mark Lloyd

A SOCIAL media savvy father and son have helped a North-East jeweller’s become a YouTube hit.

More than half-a-million people across the world have viewed the videos posted by Mobeus Jewellers which explain how to craft precious metals into works of art.

The Hartlepool-based business started posting the videos after the owner’s son enrolled for a media production degree at Northumbria University.

And they are helping Mobeus secure orders for bespoke jewellery and artworks from customers far beyond its traditional base.

Mobeus owner Mark Lloyd explained: “We decided to post the videos after my son Elliott started his degree and needed to make some commercial videos.

“He shot some simple ‘how to’ films showing the process of metalwork and crafting silver and gold into jewellery. I had no idea they would be so successful, but they have really taken off, particularly in the United States.

“One of the more bizarre commissions we had from the videos was from a man in Oxfordshire who wanted a series ‘Tears of Joy’ branded neck-chokers, bangles and padlocks. We were happy to help.”

Mobeus has posted 16 ‘how to’ videos on its own YouTube page.

But by far the most popular clip – having been viewed almost 200,000 times – is one which explains how Mark made two new wedding rings from scrap gold.

Twenty-one-year-old Elliott, who recently graduated with a BA (Hons) in Media Production, added: “I just wanted to shoot some videos to help with my degree and generate some online presence. They are all shot on a simple video camera and editing software.”

To view the videos follow this link