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Wingate Mine book author George Rodgers..
Wingate Mine book author George Rodgers..

AN author was delighted to see three years of hard work pay off when his latest book hit the shelves.

George Rodgers, 74, from the Park area of Hartlepool, has lived in the town since 1964 but makes no secret of the fact that Wingate is still classed as “home”.

And in tribute to his roots, George has put pen to paper to compile a graphic history of Wingate from 1837 up until 1962 when the mine closed.

George, who lives with wife Valerie, said: “I was born and bred in Wingate and have a lot of family and friends from up there.

“When people come to visit me, we’d head over to Wingate for a look around and a reminisce about old times.

“I knew quite a bit about the history of the place, and someone suggested writing a book.

“It has taken me three years to do it, and it’s nice to see the book finally being published.

“It’s not just about the mining aspect of Wingate, it is about the whole history of the place and how it developed from a small farming community to a bustling mining town.”

George added: “Next year is the 50th anniversary of the pit closing, and when you think about it the children of Wingate and their parents may not have even known there was a pit there.

“I feel it is an important part of local history, and hopefully people will enjoy it when they see it.”

The book, called Wingate This Town Of Mine, will be available in Wingate library, the community centre and Robinson’s butchers/bakers.