Getting children across the road more safely


School pupils will have a safer way to cross a road thanks to the combined efforts of charity Living Streets and the council.

A new pedestrian crossing has been launched on West View Road next to Davison Drive.

Students at St John Vianney RC Primary School, West View Academy, Barnard Grove Primary School and St Hild’s Church of England Secondary School will benefit, and were involved in bringing the puffin crossing to life.

The schools participated in School Route Audits run by Living Streets last year, and pupils gave feedback which suggested they didn’t feel safe crossing West View Road to get to school, before Hartlepool Borough Council decided to install the new crossing.

Chief executive of Living Streets, Joe Irvin, said: “I’m thrilled to see this new crossing installed in Hartlepool and hope that it encourages a lot more walking to school.

“Here at Living Streets, we think it’s very important that children are able to walk to school safely, so that they experience the health benefits of being active.

“This project really demonstrates the strength of Living Streets partnership with Hartlepool Borough Council, and how well it works in providing local schools and communities with tangible results.”

Local schoolchildren attended the official launch of the new puffin crossing along with Councillor Marjorie James, chairwoman of the council’s Neighbourhood Services Policy Committee, and Councillor Rob Cook, a ward councillor for the area.

Coun James said: “We have worked closely with Living Streets and local schoolchildren on this project, which clearly identified that West View Road was difficult for pedestrians to cross, particularly at peak travel times.

“The new crossing between Davison Drive and King Oswy Drive will enable children attending four local schools to safely cross West View Road, and I am sure that the scheme will be welcomed by other pedestrians.”