Getting the message across

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YOUNGSTERS can get their message across – or learn all about it – when the next title in a magical series of books is released.

Communications is the 23rd book in Disney’s Wonderful World of Knowledge collection.

Youngsters across Hartlepool and east Durham have been assembling the series over the past months and are now just two books away from completing the collection.

The latest title is as colourful, action-packed and interesting as ever.

Children can turn back time more than 4,000 years to the very first form of postal service and just pages later find out about the high-tech communications of today.

Spoken word, body language and signs and symbols are all featured in the book.

As are communications of today including telephones, the internet and, of course, newspapers.

Mail editor Joy Yates said: “Communications are an integral part of all of our lives and it’s great for our youngsters to get the chance to find out about all of the different kinds.”

The magical book is available for just £2.99 with tokens available in the Mail.

The vouchers can then be exchanged for the title at various outlets throughout the town.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for details in the Mail about the final book in the series.