Ghost busters

Navy Club committee members (left to right) Nick Auty and George Brant with NIGHT members Glen Richardson and Alan Davison
Navy Club committee members (left to right) Nick Auty and George Brant with NIGHT members Glen Richardson and Alan Davison

GHOSTLY goings on inside a popular social club are set to be investigated by a team of ghost hunters.

Unexplained knocking noises and sightings of a ghostly figure walking along the corridors have got regulars spooked at The Royal Naval Association, in Hartlepool’s Murray Street.

One committee member even reported having his belt buckle removed while he was alone upstairs.

The suspected ghost has been nicknamed Annie after a woman who used to live next door and was a regular in the venue before she passed away.

Now in a bid to get to the bottom of the sightings, which have been going on for years, committee members have called on the Northern Investigations Ghost Hunting Team (NIGHT) for help.

A team of investigators will spend the night in the club later this month and use specialist audio and video equipment.

Alan Davison, 44, team co-founder of NIGHT, said: “Some of the committee members are extremely dubious about going upstairs on their own when the lights are off.

“Some won’t go up on their own while others are a bit more adventurous so we will be going in to see what we can find or to put their minds at rest.”

NIGHT will be using so-called “ghost boxes”, which scan radio frequencies and electro magnetic frequency equipment, as well as audio and video recording equipment.

Mr Davison added: “We look for visual clues and there are spiritualists within the group as well.

“Ideally, we will get some sort of recorded evidence.”

Mr Davison, a data centre operator, comes from Horden but is now living in Hartlepool, off Hart Lane, and is a regular at the Royal Naval Association.

He admits to hearing knocking coming from upstairs, which sounded like somebody banging a “walking stick on the floor”, and said he is confident they will find some evidence.

Most of the NIGHT team is from the Hartlepool area but they have members from elsewhere in the region and carry out investigations across the North-East.

The investigation is due to be held on Saturday, September 15, once the bar closes at night.

George Brant, 64, a committee member, said: “One member was sorting the bingo books out upstairs on his own and then felt his belt buckle being undone.

“He said he won’t go up there again. I have not heard or seen whatever it is myself but I have heard tapping noises.

“We have had the club for 50 years so it could be somebody from way back.

“I am a bit apprehensive about the night but looking forward to it.”

Committee member Colin Davies, 60, said: “There has been a few times when I have been in the club and I have felt a strange presence.”

Mr Davies will be there on the night alongside two other brave committee members.