Gilbert’s in the dog house over credit card ‘theft’


MANY people find themselves a victim of credit card crime – but one pet owner found herself targeted not by thieves but by her own poodle Gilbert.

Wendy Cronin, of Sandringham Road, Hartlepool, had been using her credit card to make purchases on the internet when the unlikely culprit struck.

After answering a phone call in another room, Mrs Cronin returned to find the credit card had vanished.

Mrs Cronin, who is married with four grown up children, searched for hours while 10-month-old Gilbert showed no signs that he had chewed it.

She said: “I was searching for at least two hours when I wondered if it had fallen on the floor and been kicked underneath the sofa.

“I pulled the sofa back and it revealed the card all chewed up.

“There was no point in telling Gilbert off for the crime, he had already forgotten all about it.

“Instead I told myself off for leaving it to tempt him.”

Mrs Cronin said Gilbert already has a taste for items in the home and said: “The grandchildren’s toys are a particular favourite of his.”

It comes a national dog food supplier Bakers Complete reveals that the nation’s dogs are making off with more than £33m of loot every year.

Gilbert’s own favourite of children’s toys features highly on a list of possessions swiped by the nation’s pets, with owner’s underwear being most at risk.

It is also bad news for teachers as it has been revealed five per cent of dogs really do steal homework.

TV remotes and slippers are also items being taken, although some of these canny canines have more expensive tastes by lifting cash, jewellery, and, as Gilbert demonstrates, credit cards.