Girl is ‘lucky not to be badly hurt’

Ellie Thompson with her mum Nadine Wheeler. Picture by FRANK REID
Ellie Thompson with her mum Nadine Wheeler. Picture by FRANK REID

THE mum of a young girl knocked down by a car says she “was extremely lucky” not to have been more seriously hurt.

Little Ellie Thompson was playing “tig” outside her friend’s house when she walked on to the crossing on Brenda Road, at the junction with Sydenham Road, in Hartlepool, believing the green man was lit.

But within a split-second of Ellie’s pal calling for her to get off the road, she was struck by a car.

The seven-year-old’s mum, Nadine Wheeler, said Ellie went rolling on to the bonnet and into the air, and landed in the road.

The St Aidan’s Primary School pupil suffered a three-inch split to the back of her head, a bump to her forehead and a graze covering the lower part of her back.

As reported by the Hartlepool Mail yesterday, Ellie was then taken to the University Hospital of North Tees, in Stockton, where doctors glued the cut to her head and kept her in overnight as a precaution.

She was allowed home yesterday afternoon and was being comforted by her family.

Nadine, 26, also mum to Jack Thompson, six, three-year-old Emily Thompson and Toby Thompson, two, said: “She’s been very lucky, extremely lucky.

“She’d been to her friend’s house for tea and they were allowed to go outside for a bit but they must have strayed a bit too far. She said her and her friend were playing tig. She said she pressed the green man, and thinking it was still on she walked into the road. As her friend shouted ‘no Ellie’, the car just hit her.

“A few people put quilts and stuff over her because she was laid on the floor.”

Nadine, a full-time mum of Bowness Close, in Belle Vue, which is not far from the crash scene, was on her way home from a shop further up Brenda Road when she saw the flashing lights of the police and ambulance vehicles.

A neighbour was knocking on her door as she reached her home and it was then she knew something was wrong.

“I got the kids sorted and ran down to where the police were, but Ellie had gone at this point,” she said.

“They couldn’t tell me whether she was all right or not. It was awful.

“I got a lift over to the hospital and when I got there she was just shaking and shivering and her eyes were rolling, she was just in total shock. I just tried to comfort her as best I could. I was just so thankful that she was alright.”

Nadine added: “It’s been awful for everyone involved, the woman driving the car was really upset and really sorry and she asked if she could ring me to make sure she was ok.

“It’s the first time Ellie’s ever been in hospital and touch wood she never will be again.”

Police are appealing for witnesses to the collision which happened around 6.45pm on Tuesday to contact PC Mark Cubitt on (01642) 326326, quoting event number 025536.