Girls on the ball!


A LADIES bowling team are looking the part after securing funding to buy some new kit and equipment.

Members of Hartlepool Ladies Bowling Club, which is based in Friar Terrace, on the Headland, were on the lookout for some financial help as they attempted to spruce up the clubhouse and buy some new kit.

And the ladies were absolutely delighted when they received two cash boosts totalling more than £1,000.

The club received more than £650 from the Tees Valley Community Foundation and a further £400 from the Sir James Knott Trust.

That money was put towards some new T-shirts and jackets for all of the members as well as specialist bowling equipment and some new tables for the clubhouse.

Judith Meadows, 70, a retired nurse who plays for the team, said: “The ladies are all thrilled to bits.

“The club doesn’t have too much money so we applied for grants to help and we were absolutely delighted to receive what we did.”

The mum-of-five and grandmother-of-eight lives in Bedford Street, on the Headland, and alongwith her husband, Michael, 67, used to bowl for Warwickshire county when she lived in Stratford-upon-Avon.

She added: “When we go to play at some clubs their teams really look the part and we feel like we fit in now, we are so pleased with our new kit.

“We wanted to get the new tables for the clubhouse just to give it a bit of a new look, it was looking a bit run-down.

“On behalf of all of the ladies at the club, I would like to say a big thank you to those who provided the grants.”