Giving playtime some welly!

YOUNGSTERS are hoping for some help as they look to brave the wet conditions to enjoy a splashing time.

Children and staff at Kiddikins nursery, in Hindpool Close, Hartlepool, raised more than 8,000 to fund the changes to their play area.

But with no money left to buy wellies, umbrellas or waterproof clothes, the

children have so far been unable to spend their days outside enjoying the new facilities.

With the enthusiastic children eager to play outdoors, staff at the nursery are calling for people in Hartlepool to help them out and donate their old goods.

Geraldine Gibson, nursery manager, said: "After months of hard work, we now have a new sandpit, a wigwam, and an outdoor painting area for the children to enjoy.

"But so far, with the wet weather conditions they haven't been able to play outside.

"It's a crying shame, but we just can't afford to buy new clothes.

"We are looking for waterproof clothes and wellies to fit children aged between one and five years old.

"And we can come out and collect any items people are willing to donate."

As part of the renovation, the nursery removed climbing frames and other playing facilities in the garden, as staff look to go "back to basics."

Geraldine added: "The children these days are fantastic with IT equipment.

"They know how to do everything on a computer, but we want to bring back traditional play.

"The youngsters can learn so much through play, so we thought it would be a good idea to go back to having sandpits and painting areas, things like that.

"We have spoken to the parents about it and they are completely behind us, they think it's a good idea.

"The hard work for the staff starts now because there are still bits and bobs in the garden which need finishing,

"And the children are going to help us out with that."

People who have items they would like to donate can contact the nursery on (01429) 288285.