Going Down Under to find work

AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURE: Christopher Freeman (left) and Jonathon Malkin
AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURE: Christopher Freeman (left) and Jonathon Malkin

FRIENDS who have “had enough” of the job crisis in the area have decided to travel to Australia and find new opportunities for work.

Jonathon Malkin and Christopher Freeman, both 21, have both had multiple jobs but never been able to find the one that is right, so are going to Melbourne, Australia to try and turn their fortunes around.

They have come to the conclusion that they should make the 10,500 mile journey to start new lives.

The pair, both cricket fanatics, will leave Peterlee, their families and friends, and embark on the “journey of a life time” in early October.

Oakerside resident Jonathon, who lives at home with parents Peter and Shirley, said: “It is like going into the unexpected. I cannot wait to get there and see what it is like.

“We have seen the job situation go on the decline over the past few years and I believe it can only get worse for our age group. We have a chance to set up a new life and basically get a fresh start.

“It will be difficult at first, we understand that, but I know that there are more opportunities there than there are in the North-East or even the UK.”

Jonathon, who has spent the cricket season playing for Hetton Lyons, will look for a team to play for and Christopher will look for work in joinery and trade work. He also has plans to find a football team to keep fit.