Good Samaritans help injured boy

TWO Good Samaritans helped a schoolboy who had fallen off his bike and badly injured his leg – with one giving him a lift in his car and the other pushing the bike all the way home.

And today, Bradley Pearce and his mum Diane Kitching said they would like to thank both men, whose names they did not get due to the shock of the accident, which happened near to the Morrisons’ petrol station, in Stockton Road, in Hartlepool.

Bradley Pearce with his mum Diane Kitching

Bradley Pearce with his mum Diane Kitching

Twelve-year-old Bradley was riding to the petrol station from his home in Argyll Road, in the Rossmere area of Hartlepool, to put some air in his tyres, when he crashed into a lamp-post and fell from his bike.

He suffered an open gash to his shin and swelling to his arm.

Dozens of cars just drove past Bradley, as he lay on the ground in pain and bleeding, until the two kind-hearted men came to his rescue.

Diane, 31, said there was not enough room in the car for all of them, so while one of the men drove Bradley back to his house, the other pushed his bike the 20-minute walk home.

After momentarily speaking to the men, Diane whisked her son off to the One Life Hartlepool health centre, in Park Road, where medics glued the cut on Bradley’s leg and strapped his injured arm up in a sling.

But Diane, also mum to seven-year-old Jasmine, said that due to her panic she did not ask for the names of the men and cannot remember whether she thanked them.

“I’d just like these two men to know that we are very, very grateful for what they did,” said Diane, who is a debt collector.

“I was in shock when I saw the blood all over his leg.

“I think I said thank you, I can’t remember, but I wouldn’t have shown my gratitude because I was worrying about my son.

“I feel quite guilty about it and I feel awful that I didn’t get their details so I could contact them after Bradley had been fixed up.”

She added: “For one to bring him home in the car and the other to push his bike all the way back is just beyond the call really.

“Bradley said there were loads of cars just driving past while he was lying on the ground obviously in a lot of pain, which is quite worrying, but then these two men stopped.

“It’s restored my faith in human nature that they’ve done this and I can’t thank them enough.

“I thought I’d contact the Hartlepool Mail in the hope they’d get the message.”

Diane said the two men were travelling in a silver Peugeot 106 car, which was also carrying a dog.

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