Gran shocked by street fall

Jane Hart.
Jane Hart.

A PENSIONER was left shaken and badly bruised after falling over a raised manhole cover as she made her way home.

Hartlepool grandma Jane Hart was walking with friends along Northgate, on the Headland, when she stumbled over the manhole and fell to the ground.

The 76-year-old was left with heavy bruising to her eyes and chest, a swollen nose and a bump on the head.

The fall left Mrs Hart shaken though she didn’t need any hospital treatment and was fit enough to return to her home at Priory Court, on the Headland.

Her family, who have reported the incident to Hartlepool Borough Council, have now urged people to be careful when walking along the stretch of path near the laundrette in Northgate.

Jane’s 48-year-old daughter, who is also called Jane Hart, said: “My mum was walking along the pavement when she tripped and fell over the raised manhole cover.

“Judging by the bruises she must have fallen straight on to her chest and hit her face as well.

“The bruising is quite severe and we just wanted to make other people aware so they don’t do the same as she did when they are walking along that stretch of pavement.

“If my mum has fallen then somebody else could quite easily do the same.

“We just want to raise awareness and make people aware, especially older people.”

Council bosses say they carry out regular inspections of roads and pavements and have urged residents to report anything that could be dangerous when they are out and about across the town.

Mrs Hart tripped and fell on Monday afternoon at around 1.30pm but did not need an ambulance.

A friend drove the pensioner home immediately after the accident and she was later checked over by a doctor

A council spokesman said: “We do carry out regular inspections of roads and pavements throughout the town but urge the public to report anything to us which they believe to be dangerous.

“We immediately investigate any defects brought to our attention and rectify them as soon as possible if necessary.”

Hartlepool Borough Council has urged residents to call (01429) 523333 to report anything they believe to be dangerous.