Granddad slams litter louts for dumping 100 booze bottles and cans in Hartlepool walkway

Mitch Wilson
Mitch Wilson

A GRANDDAD is urging people to pick up their mess after a countryside walkway was littered with more than 100 booze bottles and cans.

Mitch Wilson regularly takes his dog for a walk from his home in Alnwick Close, Clavering, Hartlepool, through a nearby footpath to Hart Village.

The 62-year-old says his walk was spoiled when he came across an area on the footpath which was covered in empty cans of alcohol and glass beer bottles.

He also said two trees looked like they had been hacked down to make benches for people – possibly youths – to sit and drink.

Mitch said he has reported the rubbish find to Hartlepool Borough Council, which has in turn arranged for criminals sentenced to community service to visit the area to clean it up.

The dad-of-two, a semi-retired civil engineering manager, described the situation as an “absolute scandal” and said the people responsible should be ashamed of themselves.

He said : “It’s terrible the situation with the rubbish. People just don’t care about where they live.

“I’m always taking my dog for a walk and I noticed that someone has sawed a couple of trees down in this wooded area on the footpath on the way to Hart.

“There must have been about 100 tins of beer and glass bottles.

“It’s an absolute scandal, people drinking in the woods.

“We should all be looking after where we live.”

A spokesman for the council said: “Now that Mr Wilson has brought the problems in this area to our attention, the matter has been passed on to our environmental enforcement team, our countryside team and local Police Community Support Officers.

“Furthermore, through our partnership with the probation service, we have arranged for a Community Payback team to visit this area to carry out a tidy up.

“In the longer-term, we would urge people to respect this area which is an attractive countryside area popular with dog walkers, by not leaving litter and other rubbish.”

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