Grandma breaks both wrists in fall

Elizabeth Skinner at the bus stop where she fell to the ground breaking her wrists
Elizabeth Skinner at the bus stop where she fell to the ground breaking her wrists

A GRANDMOTHER who broke both wrists when she was accidentally knocked to the ground has thanked the people who helped her at the scene.

Elizabeth Skinner, 57, had been shopping in Hartlepool town centre and had made her way to a bus stop, in Victoria Road.

Just moments later she found herself laid flat on the ground in pain after she was knocked into from behind.

Fortunately a crowd of people were on hand to help and she safely got into a taxi and made her way home.

It wasn’t until the next day when, still in pain, Elizabeth went to One Life Hartlepool, in Park Road, and was told she had fractured both of her wrists.

The retired nurse now faces a frustrating few weeks ahead with both wrists in plaster.

“I’ll be honest, I thought my wrists were just badly sprained at first,” said Elizabeth, a mum of Rebecca Forster, 27, and Daniel Skinner, 25, who lives in Avondale Gardens, Hartlepool.

“One minute I was stood there with my shopping bags at the bus stop and the next minute I was laid flat on the ground.

“I would like to thank the crowd of people there who helped me.

“They all gathered round and tried to help me up, but I had a bit of a back injury from gardening so I managed to get myself on to my feet.

“Obviously I was quite shaken at the time but they helped to calm me down, I just wanted to get home.

“It was a frightening ordeal.”

The morning after the incident Elizabeth, along with her husband, Terry, 52, a retired factory worker and taxi driver, made the trip to One Life Hartlepool.

She was transferred to the fracture clinic at the University Hospital of North Tees, in Stockton where the grandmother-of-two had surgery on both wrists.

“I have another appointment at the end of the month and I’m hoping they take the plaster off the right arm then,” added Elizabeth.

“But the fracture on the left wrist is worse, they said that will be in plaster for six weeks.

“It’s the hassle it causes which is annoying. My daughter had to bathe me the other day.

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