Grass fires tackled

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FIREFIGHTERS were called to a golf club twice within the space of a few hours to tackle separate grass fires.

The day shift at Stranton Fire Station, in Hartlepool, was called to Hartlepool Golf Club, in Speeding Drive, off King Oswy Drive, to put out a patch of grass, using beaters.

The incident happened around 5.30pm on Friday and one crew was sent to the scene, spending half an hour in attendance.

A station spokesman said the cause was unknown.

Then at 8pm on Friday, a crew from the night-shift was sent to the same golf club to put out another grass fire.

A spokesman said a fresh patch of grass had been targeted and the cause was deliberate.

A crew from Peterlee Fire Station spent half an hour tending to a grass fire in Station Road, Blackhall around 3pm yesterday.