'Great day out!' - Readers remember fantastic times at Hartlepool Show

Do you have memories of Hartlepool Show to share?
Do you have memories of Hartlepool Show to share?

The Hartlepool Show and Horticultural Festival will arrive in town next weekend - and you're certainly looking forward to it.

Organised by Hartlepool Borough Council, this year's show will hark back to the good old days by adding a "modern horticultural twist" to the weekend's entertainment.

And these changes prompted some of you to take a trip down memory lane to the shows of yesteryear, held at Grayfields.

Speaking to the Mail, Coun Kevin Cranney, chair of the council's regeneration services committee, said: "I’m sure many people will fondly remember the old Hartlepool Shows which used to take place every year at Grayfields.

“We aim to re-create all of the fun of that event and much more, and we hope people turn out in force on both days."

Here's what you had to say on the Hartlepool Mail's Facebook page:

Pamela Gouldburn: "I used to go with my mam and dad."

Gail White: "Loved the Hartlepool Show."

Carol Burton: "Hartlepool Show was great but I can't see it being the same now."

Mary Green: "Lots of lovely memories."

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Jackie Tadeo: "Loved it."

Brian Hart: "Great day out."

June Gate: "Loved it, you saw people that you haven't seen for a long time."

Chris Gate: "Some fantastic memories of the hartlepool show in Grayfields my brother us to work there."

Ian Saunders: "Great times at the Grayfields show, should bring it back to Grayfields."