Great War victims: Keady to Knowlson

Lance Corporal Jack Keady, 27, Straker Street

Private Robert Keeley, 20, Burbank Street

Joseph Keeley, 28, late of West Hartlepool

Pioneer Thomas Reginald Keenan, age unknown, Lawrence Street

James M Kelly, age and address unknown

Stoker Royal Navy Reserve Martin Kelly, age unknown, Hill Street

Private Thomas Francis Kelly, 19, address unknown

Lance Corporal Samuel Kelly, 24, Frederick Street

Stoker Joseph P Kelly, 35, Wood Street

Private Jas Kelly, 25, address unknown

John Kelly, age unknown, Silver Street

Sapper Charles Kelsey, 28, Benson Street

Sapper George Kendall, 42, Mitchell Street

Private Arthur Kenmire, 31, Grace Street

Private George H Kent, 21, address unknown

Private SA Kiddell, 28, Arthur Street

James Kilpatrick, age and address unknown

Rifleman E Kilrain, 28, Seamer Street

Private William King, 21, Windsor Street

Gunner William King, 22, Furness Street

Corporal Robert King, 25, Stephenson Street

Private John James King, 33, Lawrence Street

Private EW King, age unknown, Angus Street

Private Joseph Kingston, age unknown, Albert Street

Will Joseph Kingston, 32, High Street

Robert Kingston, age unknown, Lansdowne Road

Corporal A Kirby, 22, Sheriff Street

Jim Kirtley, age and address unknown

Charles Reginald Kitching, 16, Brenda Street

Private Miles Knight, 19, Sydney Street

Private William Knowlson, unknown, Grace Street