Great war victims: O’Boyle to Oxley

War victims whose surnames began with the letter O:

Gunner James O’Boyle, age unknown, Charlotte Street

Pte John O’Brien, age unknown, Silver Street

Gunner Patrick O’Donovan, 29, Hampshire Street

Sgt William P Oldfield, 28, Park Road

Pte Fred Oliver, 26, Burbank Street

Pte John Oliver, age unknown, Alfred Street

Pte John H Olliver, 26, Albert Street

Sgt John Oscar Olsson, 24, Osborne Road

Pte William O’Neil, 24, Plevna S

Sgt Joseph O’Neill, 24, Grace St

Driver James O’Niel, 18, Plevna Place

Sapper Henry Ord, 25, Hart Lane

Gunner James George Ord, 28, Sea View Terrace

William Orley, 39, Scarborough Street

Pte Gregory O’Rorke, 18, Rodney Street

Pte Herbert O’Rorke, 22, Rodney Street

Pte Bernard O’Rourke, 23, Blandford Street

Pte Constantine O’Rourke, 20, Florence Street

Gunner John O’Rourke, 29, Hermit St

Sapper George Orwin, age unknown, Jersey Street

Driver H Osbon, 21, Thornton St

Pte Edward Osborne, age unknown, Temperance Street

Pte James Outhwaite, age unknown, Bell Street

Pte James Outhwaite, 19, Arch Street

Pte WR Outhwaite, 21, address unknown

Pte GA Owbridge, 22, Bailey Street

Pte Henry Alfred Oxley, age unknown, Bedford Street