Green deal brings joy to Hartlepool fuel specialist

Kris Baker-Rain, general manager of PROBIO Energy.
Kris Baker-Rain, general manager of PROBIO Energy.

More than 20 jobs have been created thanks to a deal clinched by a Hartlepool firm to export 100,000 tonnes of UK waste to Scandinavia.

A three-year contract - which aims to divert waste away from landfill sites -has been secured by Hartlepool Marina-based PROBIO Energy with Newport Paper.

Bales of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) will first be produced by a firm called Avondale Environmental. Then, they will be exported to Europe via Grangemouth, in Scotland.

Kris Baker-Rain, general manager of PROBIO Energy, said: “The deal has not only created 21 jobs, with the capacity to increase production at the site, but is also ensuring that subject to successful trials more than 100,000 tonnes of waste is diverted from landfill.

“The deal has put us in a good position for 2016 and has added to our increasing list of customers as we continue to expand our business in traditional and non-traditional markets abroad.”

Michael Yannakoyorgos, strategic development director for Newport Paper, added: “This is an exciting new long term contract for diverting waste from landfill which will ensure our own and our client’s commitment to improving the economic and environmental wellbeing of our community.”

The waste-to-fuel deal will see thousands ofbales produced at the high-tech Avondale plant in Scotland.

It will then be exported by PROBIO Energy to Scandinavia where it will be used for energy production and heating homes.

PROBIO Energy was founded three years ago.