Groom tells of miracle sky-dive escape

Skydiver Steve Wood
Skydiver Steve Wood

A GROOM has revealed how he miraculously survived a terrifying parachute plunge on his stag weekend.

Steve Wood says his harness malfunctioned at 3,000ft, which sent him spinning out of control and he hit the ground at more than 40mph.



The accident happened on Good Friday, during a jump at Shotton Airfield, near Peterlee, where Steve has completed more than 230 successful jumps.

The 25-year-old is an experienced skydiver and while his canopy opened, he was unable to get control of the harnesses he needed to steer and slow down the parachute.

The IT expert was sent plummeting to earth and medics have since told him that he is lucky to be alive.

Steve, who lives in South Shields, escaped with three cracked vertebrae and he has vowed to walk himself to the altar to marry his fiancee Laura Davidson, 21, later this month.

He said: “The parachute had opened, but I had no way to steer it, or slow it down and I was drifting a long way from the airfield.

“I could feel myself coming in too fast, then some turbulence just took the air out of the canopy and I dropped.

“I just remember being in so much pain.

“Every breath was a scream so I knew I must have done a lot of damage.”

He was airlifted to James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough, by the Great North Air Ambulance Service, were he stayed for several days.