Gun massacre victims - first pictures

Tanya Turnbull (left) and  Susan McGoldrick
Tanya Turnbull (left) and Susan McGoldrick

THESE are the first pictures of two of the women shot dead by taxi driver Michael Atherton on New Year’s Day.

Miss Turnbull, 24,was shot alongside her mother Alison Turnbull, 44, and Susan McGoldrick.

McGoldrick, 47, was the partner of gunman Michael Atherton, 42, who was licensed to own a small arsenal of weapons despite being investigated three years earlier when officers were tipped off about his mood swings.

After shooting the three women, Atherton turned the gun on himself.

Atherton, who is believed to have been recently suffering from depression, also wounded stepdaughter Laura McGoldrick, 19, in the late-night rampage inside the family home.

She witnessed the massacre and survived only by escaping through a first-floor window and jumping to safety, before raising the alarm.