Harry Potter star makes surprise appearance at Hartlepool restaurant

Mark Williams centre as Arthur Weasley
Mark Williams centre as Arthur Weasley

Diners at a Hartlepool restaurant got a shock to find they were in the company of a famous actor.

Mark Williams, who is probably best known for starring in the Harry Potter movies, enjoyed a meal at Mumbai Indian restaurant last week.

He liked it so much he went back the next two nights.

The actor posed for this selfie with Mumbai manager Tahim Ahmed.

It is believed that Mark is in the area filming for his latest work, although the exact details have not been revealed.

Tahim said Mark told him his lamb dish was ‘one of the best he’d had’ and described it as ‘absolutely divine’.

He told the Mail: “He was in for three nights in a row last week so he must have enjoyed it.

“He did also mention about the lamb dish he had, he said it was absolutely divine and one of the best lamb he’s had, so I was proud to cater for him.

“I think he had done some filming in the area somewhere.

“I think he kept coming back because he found it really nice and nobody disturbed him.

“On the last night a lot of customers started taking pictures.

“I’m pretty sure he was in the week before as well but he wasn’t recognised.”

Williams, 57, played the character Ron Weasley’s dad Arthur Weasley in seven of the Harry Potter films which have made more than £5billion worldwide.

He has starred on the big screen in several other Hollywood movies.

They include the 2007 fantasy Stardust, when he appeared alongside Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer, as well as in The Borrowers and the live action version of 101 Dalmatians.

The actor has also played the title role in 60 episodes of the gentle BBC detective drama Father Brown.

He is also remembered as one of the cast of the popular The Fast Show sketch show in which ran from 1994 to 2000.

According to the Internet Movie Database website, Williams is currently filming the upcoming movie Heidi: Queen of the Mountain.

Directed by Indian filmmaker Bhavna Talwar and co-starring Bill Nighy and Helen Baxendale, it is set to be a modern interpretation of the popular children’s classic Heidi.

In October, Mumbai restaurant, which is sited beneath Hartlepool’s Grand Hotel, was shortlisted in the British Curry Awards.

The awards are watched on TV by a global audience of over 400 million people and was attended by top chefs, celebrities and politicians.