Hartlepool Artisans keep things ticking over

ON the face of it, this looks likes a fantastic way to re-use old clocks.

The artistic members of the Artisans group in Hartlepool have turned defunct timepieces into superb works of art.

Fred Franklin with his clock.

Fred Franklin with his clock.

But what makes the members tick? Group co-ordinator Fred Franklin explained more.

“We view ourselves as an arts and crafts social club. Our motto is ‘it is all about what you get out of it socially’.

The Artisans are based in a cosy unit at the Hartlepool Enterprise Centre in Brougham Terrace.

The group was formed four years ago, initially for people with mental health difficulties.

A clock created by May Ellison.

A clock created by May Ellison.

Its aim was to ease the stigma of mental health through art. “We have gone from success to success,” said Fred.

The 20 members regularly come up with pieces of work which are so good, they are bought by the public and given as gifts to hospitals and care homes.

But the clocks, on the other hand, are a recent phenomenon.

The art-with-a-difference began when entrepreneur Bill Guerin, stepped in.

Bill, who runs the clock repair business Clockworks which is also based in the enterprise centre, donated some old timepieces which were no longer working.

He said: “I had a clearout and these are the clocks that I had left. I am glad I gave them to Artisans because I have never seen people do things with old clocks like this before.”

Artisans meets on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

For more details, contact Fred on 07450 712116.