Hartlepool-based Sunderland fan hopes her team get a lucky break – after she suffered two!

Bev Hutchinson
Bev Hutchinson

A TOWN-BASED Sunderland fan is hoping her team gets the lucky breaks tomorrow – after suffering two unlucky breaks of her own.

Black Cats supporter Bev Hutchinson – who works on her family’s farm, in Greatham, Hartlepool – fractured her left arm while building sheep pens about four weeks ago.

Despite the 38-year-old having to get the injured limb put in plaster, she was still planning to go to London to support Sunderland against Manchester City.

But her big plans were scuppered when Bev slipped on the bottom step of the stairs at her home on Wednesday and ended up breaking her other wrist.

After first choosing a red pot for her left arm, this time she chose white in support of her favourite footy club.

And the former Manor School pupil is hoping that her choice of colours will bring Sunderland luck when she watches the match in The Smith’s Arms, in Greatham’s High Street – where staff have now supplied her with a beer glass with a handle on so she can manage to pick it up.

She told the Mail: “I can’t believe I’ve managed to break both arms and have them both in plaster.

“I did my left one about four weeks ago building sheep pens at the farm and then on Wednesday I slipped on the bottom step going up the stairs and put my right hand out because my other one is in plaster. The pain wouldn’t go off and I was up with it all night so I went to hospital on Thursday and had to get a pot on my right arm.

“Everyone was encouraging me to get red and white pots so I did, and hopefully they’ll be good luck charms!”

She added: “I was going to go down to London with my sister Bethan and my friend even though we didn’t have tickets, we just wanted to be there for the atmosphere.

“But I dare not go now though because I can’t even get in the shower or anything by myself.

“I’m going to watch it in the village – with my pint glass with a handle on!”