Hartlepool blood donor dog saves sick Labrador's life from 100 miles away

They say every dog has its day '“ and that was certainly the case for one sick Labrador whose life was saved thanks in part to a Hartlepool pooch.

Saturday, 27th August 2016, 10:00 am
Updated Saturday, 27th August 2016, 11:13 am
Hartlepool blood donor dog Oliver

Lovable seven-year-old lab Taz was at death’s door over 100 miles away near Lincoln after being poisoned from ingesting suspected rat poison.

But he was saved thanks to blood donated by rescue lurcher Oliver who lives in Hartlepool with his proud owner Abbey Hall.

Hartlepool blood donor dog Oliver

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Taz received an emergency transfusion using blood given by Oliver and another dog in another part of the country to the national Pet Blood Bank UK.

Oliver’s owner Abbey said: “It was really lovely to hear that Oliver had helped Taz. One of the reasons I put my dogs forward as donors is we need to be able to help other people’s dogs and I would like to know that somebody would do the same for my dog too.

Taz’s owner, Jan Ranshaw, said she will be forever grateful to Oliver and also Panda, a nine-year-old blue merle rough collie from Boston, Lincolnshire.

She said: “Without Panda and Oliver and the team at Pet Blood Bank UK Taz would have lost his life and we would have lost a wonderful dog,

Oliver far left with other donor dogs

“At one stage we were preparing to say our goodbyes to Taz but, when the blood arrived, we said ‘come on boy you can fight this’ and, right at that moment, Taz lifted his head up.

“Within a few days we were able to bring Taz home and, eventually, we started to get the old Taz back. It was amazing.”

Abbey first heard about the pet blood bank when she was in veterinary nurse training and then went along to help out at a couple of doggy donor sessions.

She has also signed up her other dogs Travis, a staffy cross Labrador and Grace, a golden retriever as donors.

Taz the Labrador

Abbey said: “I take our three dogs to give blood as I work in veterinary practice and can see first hand the need for transfusions and the good it does.

“We are very proud that Oliver has helped to save another dog’s life and very pleased to hear that Taz is doing so well.”

Pet Blood Bank UK is the only charity that provides a canine blood bank service for all vets across the UK.

Visit www.petbloodbankuk.org or call 01509 232222.

Hartlepool blood donor dog Oliver
Oliver far left with other donor dogs
Taz the Labrador