Hartlepool-born designer to close London Fashion Week 2016

Michael Wallace
Michael Wallace

A Hartlepool-born fashion designer has been selected to close London Fashion Week in 2016.

From starting in his garden shed cutting fabric, to showcasing his work in LA and London, 25-year-old Michael Wallace, has came a long way.

Michael’s fashion career has got off to a fantastic start – he was invited to this year’s London Fashion Week to display his work after meeting Savita, the owner of one of the leading fashion shows, House of iKons.

Savita organised the same fashion show in Los Angeles, and asked Michael to display his wedding dress collection there on Valentine’s Day this year.

Michael is delighted to be closing London Fashion Week next year and said: “It has been a dream come true, every single person that is remotely interested in the fashion industry would just love to attend London Fashion Week let alone display their work.

“I am working really hard and have been racking up the air miles in 2015, but it’s all worth it. LA was amazing and it remains my main ambition to end up living over there.”

At the age of six, Michael was taught how to sew by his grandmother. He then went on and studied Fashion Interpretation in Nottingham and finished the course achieving the highest grade.

Michael then moved to London, where he spent a year working in a bridal department at a sewing and training superstore.

Throughout his extensive travels, Michael built up a packed portfolio.

He collected a range of fabrics used to create his designs, plus a mix of materials such as bone, chiffon, metal, silk and ostrich feathers.

His rising profile is being closely tracked since his appearance at London Fashion Week, and has been noticed by personalities such as Strictly Come Dancing star, Otile Mabuse.

Michael, who now lives in Derbyshire, said: “The aim is obviously to display my designs across the world and become a well known name.

“I want to start my own house of fashion and now feel I am in a position to take more risks to reach my dreams. It would be nice to see people wearing my designs across the country and world.”