Hartlepool by-election special - who will get your vote?

Headland main square. Picture by FRANK REID
Headland main square. Picture by FRANK REID

A new councillor for Hartlepool’s Headland & Harbour ward will be elected onto Hartlepool Borough Council tomorrow.

A by-election has been called following the resignation of Councillor Sylvia Tempest.

Headland & Harbour UKIP candidate Tom Cassidy

Headland & Harbour UKIP candidate Tom Cassidy

Four candidates have put themselves up for election for the ward which has three councillors on the council.

Here, in alphabetical order, they tell Mail readers why they are standing and why residents should vote for them.

Christopher Broadbent – Local Conservatives

I’ve lived in Hartlepool for several years, it was a fine town.

Headland & Harbour Labour candidate Dr Mike Mclaughlin

Headland & Harbour Labour candidate Dr Mike Mclaughlin

In my opinion, this Labour council has allowed our town to fall into dereliction, and it saddens me.

If it’s your view I shall fight for the following on your behalf if I’m elected: urgent repairs to potholes on our roads, and repairs to pavements and wheelchair ramps.

Improvements to our shopping centre, the mobility shop to be open six days instead of three, and get council funding for it.

Freeze council tax, it was local Conservatives who voted to freeze it, Labour have increased it with over a million pounds of cuts to come.

Headland & Harbour Independent candidate Lucy Patterson

Headland & Harbour Independent candidate Lucy Patterson

Help for elderly, disabled, and those that are in sheltered accommodation.

Better policing for our streets. Improved social services.

Housing for local ex-servicemen, and help in finding jobs.

Strict controls for bad landlords. Improve sea defences on the Headland.

Improve local bus services. Fight to restore our hospital services.

You can’t trust UKIP, a party that is fighting within itself.

Vote Chris Broadbent Local Conservative We refuse to accept expenses.

We cost you less.

Tom Cassidy – UKIP

Headland and Harbour needs better representation on our Council. It is time to put right the mistakes Labour have made in Hartlepool.

Labour’s ruling Group has ignored the area.

As a resident I want to work with our existing two UKIP Councillors in the Ward and fight to stop any further Council Tax increases, tackle anti-social behaviour, support local community groups and help to make Headland and Harbour a more prosperous place to live.

UKIP is the official opposition in our Council and you have a chance to increase the pressure on Labour by electing me as your next UKIP Councillor, a strong opposition is needed in our Council and I can provide that.

UKIP opposes Council Tax increases, wants to fight to stop our Hospital being taken away from us, apply pressure to stop wasteful spending our your money. Enough is enough and that is why I want to represent fellow residents in Headland and Harbour.

Vote for me on May 4 and put a stop to Labour complacency in Hartlepool.

Dr Mike Mclaughlin – Labour

I’m an A&E doctor and I live in the Marina in Hartlepool. I grew up in a single parent family and it is here where I learned the value of community.

I’m standing to the be the councillor for the ward because I believe our community deserves better.

Living in the community I see UKIP’s neglect on the Headland, the Central estate and the Burbank daily.

UKIP have collected their council allowances and ignored the ward for far too long.

I want to see rubbish cleared up immediately, I want to see fly tipping reported and dealt with promptly.

Fly tipping prosecutions to increase for offenders and prosecutions made a priority.

Dog fouling continues to blight our streets. No action has been taken but I’ll make it a top priority.

As your Labour councillor I want to bring the community together with local policing to address the issues of anti-social behaviour.

This is an issue continually coming up when I have been talking to local residents, yet nothing has been done by sitting UKIP councillors.

I promise to be easily contactable with both my email and phone number readily available.

I’ll be frequently knocking on doors coming to you to find out the problems and getting things done.

I’ll be handing out my contact details, and should you contact me I promise you will get a prompt reply.

A vote for Dr Mike is a vote to get things done.

Lucy Patterson – Independent

We have a Labour council that many residents are disillusioned with.

We have a UKIP presence that has served its purpose both as a ‘protest’ vote against Labour, and as a route to securing Brexit.

It’s time for change. We deserve change.

Chatting with people in the area recently, it became clear that rubbish and vandalism, anti-social behaviour, a lack of opportunity for youngsters, and a feeling of being ‘second best’ to other areas of the town, are amongst the areas of concern that we share.

Added to that is a feeling of despondency that current council decisions aren’t being made in our best interests.

Having been a local resident for 15 years, I’m as fed up as you are!

With a background in third sector management, business, and community development, I want to put my time and experience to good use; to address these areas of concern – and more – and to get the best deal possible from our council for Headland & Harbour residents and business owners alike.

As an area, Headland & Harbour has a proud heritage and a strong community. It also has a growing number of individuals, small businesses and voluntary organisations already trying to breathe life back into it.

As a community, we need to support these people and organisations to regenerate our area as quickly and effectively as possible.

However, we also need support from the council and I intend to fight for that.

But I can’t do this alone. I need your vote. Thank you.