Hartlepool coastguard spots bike towing boat

Boat being towed by a bike
Boat being towed by a bike

FIRST we saw a boat being towed by a mobility scooter – but now a boat has been spotted being towed through Hartlepool by a bicycle.

Hartlepool Coastguard official Adam Hay took a snap of the small rowing boat on a trailer which was being towed by a bike.

The vessel looks similar to the boat that was pulled through streets in Hartlepool by a mobility scooter driven by 22-year-old Hartlepool butcher Luke Cartridge, which went viral on the internet last month.
Today, Adam’s colleague Greig Albrighton from Hartlepool Coastguard service, said: “It was very unusual to see a boat being towed by a bike.

“It’s quite a big boat to be towed in this way and I believe that’s why it has gathered some interest.”

The latest unique boat-towing incident came to light around 5pm on April 8, after HM Coastguard officials were alerted to it potentially being in danger in the sea off the coast of Hartlepool.

A spokesman for the Coastguard said the boat had sailed to Redcar and back, crossing the heavy shipping lane at Teesport.

Someone reported the little boat apparently in “distress” near to a buoy.

But the spokesman said: “When arriving on scene the small craft was found to be out of the water and getting towed away on a trailer.

“Safety advice was given about going to sea in a unsafe manor and crossing heavy shipping lanes in such a craft and also advised of safety equipment for themselves and their vessel.”

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