Hartlepool company brings back the ice bucket challenge

Karen Sheader of SYMO takes the ice bucket challenge.
Karen Sheader of SYMO takes the ice bucket challenge.

A production company which works with disabled people in Hartlepool has brought back the ice bucket fundraising challenge.

Shoot Your Mouth Off (SYMO) hopes to repeat the success of last year’s ice bucket challenge, which raised millions globally.

“We decided to fundraise for a new pool table which needs to be quite robust and suitable for all abilities,” said Karen Sheader, director and fundraiser for SYMO.

“We started the challenge on Friday last week and did it again on Monday and Tuesday.”

The organisation took on the challenge last year, raising hundreds for Hartlepool & District Hospice.

Now SYMO is asking for support from the public to raise the required £1,000 for the table which will be well used by members.

Ms Sheader said: “There were 12 group members who took on the challenge, and they were aged between 20 and 52. I did it too and it was good fun.”

SYMO produces a range of work, including dramas, documentaries, and comedies.

The award-winning social enterprise aims to provide a rewarding and meaningful use of time to those often excluded from traditional training and employment opportunities.

To donate visit the company’s page HERE.