Hartlepool council elections: Who will get your vote in De Bruce ward?

We're giving Hartlepool Borough Council election candidates an opportunity to tell voters why they deserve their vote on May 5. Today we feature the De Bruce ward.

Sunday, 24th April 2016, 3:55 pm
Updated Sunday, 24th April 2016, 5:03 pm
Contesting the De Bruce ward in Hartlepool's local council elections are, from left, Jean McKenna, Alan Hind and Brenda Mary Harrison.

Jean McKenna (Local Conservatives)

I have lived in Hartlepool for all of my life and have worked previously as a nurse and in the private sector.

I am currently an elected Governor for the North East Ambulance Service and my role is to ensure that public resources are used wisely in Teesside.

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I am standing as your 
local Conservative candidate for the De Bruce ward as I feel that only the Conservatives can provide and continue with delivering the best value public services that residents need.

I would like to help people in the De Bruce ward get better access to the local services they require, when they need them, and to provide assistance in improving better services for older people and children in the ward.

There have been several large improvements recently in the ward, such as the Marine Point development, and I would like to see these improvements continue along with the basic works that are required on a daily basis, such as repairs, maintenance and access to health services.

But I can only do this with your help, so please make sure to vote for me on May 5.

Alan Hind (UKIP)

I was born and grew up in West Hartlepool, attending King Oswy School before serving an apprenticeship at Steely Magnesite Works at the Brus Arms.

A change of career to the 
NHS lasting some 32 years 
was an exceptionally rewarding time of my life.

I and my father, a Bevan Boy, always voted Labour and believed the NHS and especially Hartlepool hospital was safe in their hands, I found this not to be the case.

It is right the residents 
are outraged at the systematic withdrawal of important NHS services in Hartlepool.

We are also losing our Law Courts to Teesside.

This must stop and it stops with UKIP – vote UKIP on May 5.

Brenda Mary Harrison (Labour)

As someone who was born and bred in Hartlepool, I have lived in this area for over thirty years and spent the vast majority of my working life here in the town.

I appreciate the opportunity to give something back.

If I am successful in becoming a councillor for the De Bruce ward I would be committed to listening to the needs of the people who live here and would do my best to help realise those needs.

I am a retired teacher, a wife and mother so understand some of the problems people face from a number of different aspects and my support for the Labour Party has been a life long passion stemming from the socialist upbringing I experienced.

Equality of opportunity and caring for others in society was at the heart of that philosophy.

If I am successful I will be committed and hard working on your behalf and would feel it a privilege to serve this ward.

Carl Aaron Robertson (Independent)

Told the Mail he has decided to withdraw.