Hartlepool council elections: Who will get your vote in Foggy Furze?

In the latest of a series of features giving Hartlepool Borough Council election candidates an opportunity to tell voters why they would be the best person to represent the area, today we feature the Foggy Furze ward.

Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 2:25 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 9:58 am
Christopher Akers-Belcher, left, and Darren Price are two of the candidates in the Foggy Furze ward.

Christopher Akers-Belcher (Labour)

I have lived in Foggy Furze ward for over 10 years and as Chair of one of the Residents Associations feel I know the needs and aspirations of the area.

I value the importance of strong representation at this critical time when we have been hardest hit through Government cuts.

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I have a strong track record of doing my utmost for the residents of the area.

Never has it been more important for our ward to have a strong voice to protect frontline services and ensure we continue investment in our roads such as resurfacing and schemes that promote safety such as Oxford Road.

Having had extensive experience on the Council as your ward Councillor I am particularly proud that we have frozen Council Tax in 5 out of the last 6 years, reduced youth unemployment by 80%, created over 150 apprenticeships, protected the hospital site so it can only be used for Health purposes and supported an extra 900 people to live independently at home.

I very much believe a Councillor should be seen all year round and not just at election time, which is why I shall continue to provide meaningful ward/street surgeries and resident bulletins.

Bill Reeve (Local Conservatives)

Hello, I am standing as your Local Conservative candidate in the elections for the Foggy Furze Ward and I am keen to represent the area as your councillor.

I have noticed over the years that too much money has been wasted by Labour on projects that add little or no benefit to local people in the area, the ward appears to have many issues with traffic problems, dog fouling and litter.

I would like to take the opportunity to try and resolve these problems and to actively engage with local residents to ask them what they would like to see, rather than their views not being considered.

It’s a fact that Conservative run councils cost less and deliver better value for money, but I can only do this with your help, so vote Local Conservatives on May 5th.

Darren Price (UKIP)

Married, kids that were all born in Hartlepool, I was once proud to call Hartlepool my home,

Now sadly we are entering into Cleveland by another name our hospital has all but gone, our council tax is one of the highest in the land.

I along with any other councillor that wants to see an end to self-service and will strive to make this a town worth living in, if elected, I will come to the council meetings and watch who opposes those who wants what’s best for the town and not what’s best for themselves.

Only UKIP will stand up for democracy and accountability. Vote UKIP on May 5th.