Hartlepool Council raked in £346k from parking charges – but it’s £100k less than the year before

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HARTLEPOOL Borough Council raked in £346,000 from parking charges in the last financial year according to new figures released by the RAC.

English councils have made another record surplus from their parking activities, generating a combined “profit” of £594m from day to day on and off street parking operations.

Although that figure is a five per cent increase on the 2011-12 figure of £565m, the money made in Hartlepool through parking charges has dropped dramatically over the last four years.

In the period between 2009-10, the council made £636,000 though that dropped to £510,000 the following year.

By 2011-12 the figure was £445,000, falling to £346,000 in the most recent statistics.

The figures are calculated by adding up income from parking charges and penalty notices, then deducting running costs.

The authority with the largest surplus in 2012-13 was Westminster with £39.7m.

The four biggest earners were all London authorities with only Brighton, Nottingham and Manchester breaking into a top 10 dominated by councils in the capital.

Hartlepool Council was ranked as 224th in the table of all local authorities, with Middlesbrough, which included the Stockton borough, 192nd with figures of £561,000 and Redcar and Cleveland 173rd having made £740,000.

Durham County Council was 279th out of 353 authorities with a £110,000 surplus.