Hartlepool Council - what happens now

HARTLEPOOL has voted to scrap the mayoral system in favour of a committee system made up of elected councillors.

This is a change from how the council is run now and under this system, there will be a number of committees made up of councillors.

Mayor Drummond and his cabinet will still be in position until May next year when the new changes will come into place.

The position and the salary that it carries will cease to exist.

Come May, each committee will have responsibility for making decisions on a key policy area such as children’s services or neighbourhood services.

There will be a leader of the council and this person will be a councillor chosen by the rest of the councillors.

The councillors will determine how long the leader would serve for and when the leader’s term of office ends the councillors would decide whether to elect that leader for a further term or whether to choose another councillor to be leader.

The appointment of councillors to the committees and functions of the committees would also be decided by the whole of the council, along with decisions such as setting the annual budget and the level of council tax.