Hartlepool crane driver who ate 5,000 calories a day sheds an amazing five stone

A Hartlepool crane driver has given his life a lift after losing more than five stone.

Thursday, 25th October 2018, 2:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th October 2018, 2:58 pm
Slimmer Ian Joy with his bike.

Three months ago Ian Joy, 43, would consume 5,000 calories a day, gorging on fried breakfasts, packets of biscuits and whole cakes.

But the dad has overhauled his lifestyle and lost an incredible 5st 4lbs in just 12 weeks.

Slimmer Ian Joy with his bike.

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Ian, from Catcote Road, has gone from 25st 3lb to 20st, meaning he is well on his way to achieving his goal of losing seven stone.

The super slimmer started total food replacement diet, Shake That Weight, back in August after years of battling depression and feeling like he was “stuck in a huge body”.

His job meant he would be sitting for hours at a time and would leave him just grabbing anything that was to hand from the local garage for lunch.

His daily calories were hitting 5,000 and he was wearing overalls in size seven XL.

Slimmer Ian Joy with a pair of his over sized overalls.

But after finding out about diet Shake That Weight online, the former Coldstream Queen’s Guard used his discipline to shrink to a size two XL.

The diet has seen Ian cut back to just 800 calories a day, swapping food for flavoured shakes.

And after 25 years of not riding a bike, Ian has taken up cycling, completing 17 mile rides each week.

He said: “I have never been below 20 stone for 20 years, so to lose 5st 4lb in just 12 weeks is absolutely amazing.”

Ian Joy showing the size of his overalls before and after his weight loss.

Ian says he will smash his target of reaching 18st and already has been hailed an inspiration by slimmers.

He said: “Loads of my photos are totally blowing people away.
“I am now looking after 200 people on the Shake That Weight Facebook group and mentoring them.

“I just want to tell people my story and get it out there that there is no need to get a gastric band - this diet is a lot safer.
“You just need will power and there is so much support in the group.”

Daily diet before:

Slimmer Ian Joy returning home after one of his bike rides.

Breakfast: Fried breakfast

Lunch: Bacon sandwich or eight hotdogs in buns with ketchup

Dinner: Mince and dumplings or an Indian meal

Snacks: Packet of biscuits, whole cheesecake

Daily diet now:

Five Shake That Weight products - either milkshakes or bars

Slimmer Ian Joy with his food replacement items.

Three litres of water

Weekends - four milkshakes and a steak with vegetables

Slimmer Ian Joy with his food replacement drink.
Slimmer Ian Joy.
Food replacement items taken by slimmer Ian Joy.