Hartlepool dad’s MS stem cell treatment brings hope to others

Stem cell treatment Eric Thomson returns home from Mexico
Stem cell treatment Eric Thomson returns home from Mexico

MS patients across the country have been inspired by the story of Hartlepool dad Eric Thomson’s remarkable recovery after undergoing pioneering stem cell surgery abroad.

Eric, 50, has returned to his home on Jowitt Road after undergoing a Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) at the Riaz Clinic in Mexico, and already the story of his amazing journey to recovery has sparked hope in MS patients.

He took a chance when he travelled to the clinic back in June to undergo the treatment, which is not available to people living with the condition in the UK, but he says he is already feeling the difference since transplant.

Since the surgery just weeks ago, Eric is going from strength to strength, regaining the use of his right hand and walking unaided.

Now his story has led to dozens of people living with MS to contact the Mail in the hope he would speak to them and offer advice.

Eric said he was delighted that his story may lead to more people seeking treatment. 
“I am delighted people have got in touch and I hope my story will inspire them to receive the same treatment I had,” he said.

Just over a year ago a fundraising campaign was launched to raise the £38,650 needed to send Eric to the Riaz Clinic in Mexico to undergo the treatment.

It was hoped the treatment would slow, if not stop, the progression of his Primary Progressive MS and improve mobility.

Now residents from across the region and some as far away as Kent, have been in touch seeking advice from Eric as they look to undergo the treatment themselves.

One said: “I am looking to embark on the same treatment, as I hope to have the chance to change my life in the same way as he has.”

Eric said the MS stem cell treatment has changed his life and hopes it will help countless others to do the same.

On returning home following the surgery Eric said: “I just hope that someone with MS hears my story and decides to go for the treatment.

“People really need to know about this treatment as there is nothing in this country.”