Hartlepool Divers Club win approval to create new clubhouse at marina

The proposed site at Hartlepool Marina.
The proposed site at Hartlepool Marina.

Hartlepool Divers Club has had plans for a new clubhouse by the marina given the green light by planning bosses.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s planning department has approved proposals to build the new single storey clubhouse at Navigation Point after an application was submitted last year.

The development will be on Harbour Walk and will be adjacent to the building which is currently occupied by the sea cadets and which overlooks the marina basin to the south.

The single storey building will include a boathouse, recreation and meeting space.

A report by senior planning officer Laura Chambers, giving approval to the plans, said the building would be a positive for the area.

It said: “The proposed development for a clubhouse to serve the Hartlepool Divers Club is consistent with planning policy aims to support leisure development at the marina.

“The design of the proposed building is in keeping with the character and appearance of the area.”

The plans would also create five parking spaces for the site and the applicant said he is happy for spaces to be used by the public when the clubhouse is closed.

The proposals, submitted by Geoff Leighton, state the development will not have a negative impact on any businesses in the area.

A planning statement said: “The design of the clubhouse will be in keeping with the surrounding area with all materials to match that of existing buildings in the area.

“Due to the nature, the appearance and the use of the proposed clubhouse we are under the opinion that this application will fully adhere to planning legislation.”

The plans also received support from Hartlepool Sea Cadets, who own the land immediately next to the development, and chairman Leon Usher said the group ‘fully support’ the project.

Support was also received from residents in the area to the plans.

A Grange Road resident said: “Having known Geoff from the diving club for many years I fully support the diving club.”

Hartlepool Divers Club has been active in the area for almost 50 years and has introduced and trained hundreds of men and women to dive, as well as holding several charity events.

Nic Marko , Local Democracy Reporting Service