Hartlepool dog trainer’s fireworks advice

Dave Shaw with his dog Pedro
Dave Shaw with his dog Pedro

A dog trainer has issued advice to help pet owners protect their animals this fireworks season.

Dave Shaw, who runs Dog Positive training, in Hartlepool, appealed for owners not to take dogs to noisy fireworks displays.

He said the pyrotechnics can be harmful to a dog’s hearing and eyes and make them more anxious.

Dave said: “We see dogs as a key part of the family but fireworks can be absolutely horrendous for a dog’s hearing.

“It is 100 times louder to the dogs than it is to us and modern fireworks are getting louder and louder.

“The best advice is to keep them at home and if you can stay in the same room with the dog.”

Giving your dog lots of treats will also help to keep their attention away from bangs coming from outside, he added.

You can also put a blanket over a cage to help it feel even more secure.