Hartlepool drinking hours cut would be welcomed by readers

Church Street in Hartlepool.
Church Street in Hartlepool.

A proposal which could see the sale of alcohol prevented between certain hours has provoked heated debate from Mail readers.

Hartlepool Borough Council is set to discuss calls for an Early Morning restriction to be introduced throughout the town.

Man drinking beer. Photo credit: Johnny Green/PA Wire

Man drinking beer. Photo credit: Johnny Green/PA Wire

If given the go ahead, it will prevent the sale of alcohol between the hours of 2am and 6am.

The call comes after a petition was launched by resident Stephen Worthy.

He says the current opening hours up until 4am mean the town is like a ghost town until late at night and contributes to a bad reputation for violence.

An online petition has attracted just over 700 signatures calling for an amendment to the existing licensing laws.

It will be put forward as a motion by Seaton Councillor Paul Thompson at the meeting of the full council on Thursday.

The motion calls for Hartlepool Borough Council to: “‘consider amending its Licensing Policy to introduce an Early Morning Restriction Order preventing the sale of alcohol between the hours of 2am and 6am in pubs and clubs within the borough and a report be brought back to council as soon as practicable’”

The idea has gathered significant support from readers on the Mail’s Facebook page.

Vikki Carney wrote: “Finally! Bring back 2 o’clock closing.”

Brenda Morrell said: “There was absolutely nothing wrong with 2am closing, we used to have a great night out, bringing it back I say.”

Simon Lupton added: “Opening hours isn’t the problem.

“There was always fights at 2am when everyone got kicked out at the same time.”

Paula Harrow said: “It’s about time! Absolutely the hours should be put back to 2am closing.”

But Shirley Donoghue argued: “Pubs are there for business, each pub will know if they need to reduce hours and on which nights.

“These pubs employ people these pubs to entertain the public, the public need to enjoy themselves after work or whatever.

“If it’s thought all the fights is the fault of the pubs it’s not. It’s the fault of the individual.

“I think to solve the problem is to fine these individuals if police or ambulance is called these individuals should be fined £100 and paid within a month and the money shared between police and ambulance.”