Hartlepool epilepsy group looks for more support

Jacqui Gettings of Epilepsy Outlook, which needs your support.
Jacqui Gettings of Epilepsy Outlook, which needs your support.

A cause which has been supporting people for 28 years is hoping to attract more backing.

Epilepsy Outlook raises around 70 per cent of its own funds and gives advice as well as other support to dozens of people who have epilepsy.

But officials are calling on people to continue their financial support - and are also hoping more will come on board.

The plea is particularly important at a time in which the type of backing that Epilepsy Outlook can provide is changing.

Traditionally, people sought expert help on everything to do with epilepsy but operations manager Jacqui Gettings explained: “People get their information from the Internet now.

“We have very much changed in how people look at us.

“We work with people with long-term uncontrolled epilepsy and I have seen the difference we have made to people’s lives.”

But the cause needs ongoing support.

Epilepsy Outlook moved in 2014 from York Road to just round the corner in The Arches, in Park Road.

But the well-used cause is still continuing to run its two charity shops, in York Road and Oxford Road, as well as taking donations of furniture at Park Road.

For more details or to donate, contact (01429) 297007.