Hartlepool Everest earthquake survivor holds talk to raise money for Nepal

Ellis Stewart at Everest holding a copy of the Hartlepool Mail
Ellis Stewart at Everest holding a copy of the Hartlepool Mail

A mountain climber is preparing to hold a talk on his Nepal earthquake experiences to raise cash for the families of those affected by the deadly Nepal earthquake.

Ellis Stewart, 42, was on Mount Everest when the quake struck in April. Nearly 9,000 people died as a result of earthquakes in April and May.

Buried in snow from an avalanche, he feared that he would never see his wife and children again.

But Ellis, from Bishop Cuthbert, returned home and set about fundraising for the families of some of those killed on the mountain by selling Nepal charity T-shirts.

Now kind-hearted Ellis wants to hold a talk in Hartlepool on his experience.

He said: “I organised a talk last year on the back of last year’s trip but I had to cancel. I got a lot of interest and just thought that I could do the same this time round.

“I’d charge people to come in and then sell some of the T-shirts, just to keep the money coming in for the families out there who were affected.

Ellis had successfully reached Everest’s called Base Camp and were on their way to Camp One when they felt the earthquake.