Hartlepool family slim down to beat health blues

Michael and Denise Wynne have  shed weight with Slimming World.
Michael and Denise Wynne have shed weight with Slimming World.

A super-slimming family are seeing a lot less of each other after losing more than 18st between them.

Michael and Denise Wynne - along with their son James - managed to shed the weight after signing up to the Grange Road Slimming World group in Hartlepool in 2015.

Michael and Denise Wynne with their son James before losing the weight.

Michael and Denise Wynne with their son James before losing the weight.

The family from Hutton Avenue, Hartlepool, decided to take action following a series of health problems.

Denise, 57, lost 9st 13lbs, going from 19st 4lb and a size 26, to a healthy 9st 3st and a size 8-10.

Michael, 44, lost 3st 11lbs, going from 16st and a size large, to 10st 7lb and a size small.

The couple’s transformation saw them make it to the semi-finals of Slimming World’s Couple of the Year 2017 competition.

James Wynne after losing the weight.

James Wynne after losing the weight.

Denise, who is 5ft 1.5” said: “When my son was 13 he was taken into hospital where they found multiple things wrong with him.

“He needed open heart surgery and at 19st he was told he needed to lose weight.
“We thought as parents we need to take responsibility, so we decided to join Slimming World as a family to lose weight.

“Listening to other peoples stories really helped me.”

James, who is now 16, went from 19st to 14st.

Michael Wynne before losing the weight.

Michael Wynne before losing the weight.

Denise added: “Doctors were amazed at how much weight was coming off of James.
“We went to the meetings every week, and once we lost the weight we started introducing exercise.”

But it was also Michael’s health struggles that helped drive the family to lose the weight.

Mike, who runs the business Hartlepool IT Service, suffered a heart attack and a stroke.

He said: “I ended up in hospital and needed a heart bypass operation.

“I never thought of myself as overweight, but when these things happened it makes you realise what you need to do.”

The family, who would typically order takeaways for dinner multiple times a week, and live off frozen meals, now make sure they eat home-cooked food.

Denise said they all start the day with cereal, lunch is a mug of soup or salad and dinner will be home-cooked favourites such as chicken chow mein.

The family also monitor their snacks - allowing themselves chocolate and crisps - but stress the importance of moderation.

On top of their diet the pair run 10k three times a week, attend the gym twice a week and see a personal trainer once a week.

Denise said: “We still have delicious meals like lasagne, chicken curry or veggie chilli – they’re just made from scratch rather than from a jar.

“And we can still eat out too. We just make sensible swaps like changing chips for a jacket potato or asking for sauces on the side.”

Michael added: “Having the right support in place is essential and I was lucky enough to not only have the support of my partner, but the fabulous members of our Slimming World group, too.

“Losing weight together has definitely strengthened our relationship – we’re happier, healthier and fitter now and we’ve been on that journey together, which makes it even more special.”