Hartlepool fans ‘disgusted’ at savage attack on Brentford football supporter

A Brentford fan laying on the road attended by Emergency Services.
A Brentford fan laying on the road attended by Emergency Services.

HARTLEPOOL Mail readers have slammed those responsible for a savage attack on a visiting Brentford football fan.

The Mail reported how the 40-year-old supporter was left unconscious in the road after he was the victim of an assault as he made his way home from a Hartlepool United match.

A Brentford fan laying on the road attended by Emergency Services.

A Brentford fan laying on the road attended by Emergency Services.

He was attacked just minutes after Pools’ final home game of the season at Victoria Park on Saturday night.

The fan was walking to the train station in Church Street when police say he was attacked for no reason at the Clarence Road crossing near Morrisons supermarket.

Readers of www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk were quick to slam those responsible for the incident in the comments section on our exclusive story.

Man in a grey suit typed: “This is not about football and all the rivalries that go with it, it is about vicious thuggery that should be punished with a severe sentence.

“Hope the Brentford fan makes a good recovery, and as a Pools supporter I’d be very happy to buy him a pint and share pre-match banter with him on his next visit.”

MonkeyMac added: “I’m appalled at this news. I’m a Hartlepool fan and am disappointed we’ve been relegated. But to take it out on a visiting supporter to our town is mindless.

“I hope the Brentford support makes a speedy recovery and wish him well.”

Fellow Brentford supporters and town firemen had gone to the Brentford fans’ aid while they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

A man has been arrested but police are appealing for any witnesses to contact them.

The victim suffered a cut to his head, a chipped tooth and swelling to his jaw, which is thought to have happened when he hit the ground.

He was taken to hospital for treatment but was released soon afterwards and continued his journey home.

A Cleveland Police spokesman said: “Anyone who was in the area a the time or who has information on this incident is asked to contact Hartlepool Police.”

A 29-year-old local man has been arrested on suspicion of assault. He was quizzed by police about the incident before he was released on bail pending further inquiries.

Saturday’s match against the London side, which was televised on Sky Sports, ended in a 1-1 draw.

There were a host of other comments on our original story in support of the Brentford fan.

DaveHedgehog typed: “I would bet my house on the said thug does not even attend Pools games, all this does is make it more hazardous for when I and fellow poolies travel to away games.”

missbo said: “This is just awful, this thug should be given a long custodial sentence without the pampering. He is a disgrace. I hope this man makes a full recovery.

“This is a minority, the genuine people who attend Hartlepool’s matches are good people.”

Shaky wrote: “I hope the Brentford fan gets well soon and the culprit eventually gets what he deserves!”

pooliejo said: “This is awful... no need for it. Hope the Brentford fan injured makes a speedy recovery.”

Jaycee123 added: “People like that are a disgrace to the town, to football and should be held accountable for their actions, not just some namby pamby slap on the wrist and a couple of months being pampered in prison.”

Anyone with information about the assault can contact Hartlepool Police on the non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111