Hartlepool fans speak out after Pools answer crunch questions

Angry Pools fans at the end of the FA Cup defeat against Blyth Spartans. Picture by FRANK REID
Angry Pools fans at the end of the FA Cup defeat against Blyth Spartans. Picture by FRANK REID

HARTLEPOOL United fans have spoken out after club chiefs took part in a question and answer session with the Mail.

Pools are six points adrift and without a manager, with relegation out of the Football League a very real possibility.

The club has been knocked out of the FA Cup by non-league Blyth Spartans and are searching for their third manager of a turbulent campaign.

The Mail asked a string of questions that the club answered. Read the questions and answers here. This is what fans on Facebook and the Hartlepool Mail website thought of the club’s answers:

Nathan Clark: “We already a laughing stock thanks to Mr Hodcroft who won’t spend money employs unproven managers when we’re bottom then sacks him after 7 games won’t hold an AGM so fans are in the dark no wonder people laugh at us the man’s killing the club.”

Paul Moore Snr: “Nothing to see here.. He’s said he’s ultimately responsible and is hiding behind a load of excuses.. Spend or Go.. If we are relying on free agents we’re already relegated..”

John Wakeling: “So what did you want him to say? He’s told it how it is! How many League 2 clubs actually spend money on players? Let’s see some facts or alternatives from the know alls instead of the usual childish name calling!”

Michael Foster: “Need to spend to stay up, squad not good enough absolutely gutted!”

Leslie Ingledew: “Fair play to the club for some answers to the situation we are in, lets hope some answers can be answered on the pitch before it becomes mathematically certain of relegation.”

Mark Goodman: “Hang your head in shame Ken Hodcroft pathetic answers. Fair play to the Mail though for asking them questions.”

TONY59: “IOR they need to own the Vic to make investments can you blame them.”

SHEFFIELDPOOLIE: “Well done to the Mail for bringing this up & well done to IOR for finally agreeing to explain to us their thoughts. Can the Mail now do a similar exercise with the council? If what IOR say is true (“HUFC did ask the council how much they wanted several months ago. Unofficially, the club was told a figure. The club offered that figure and it was rejected.”), the council must explain why they rejected the figure they asked for.

“Can the Mail bring the two parties together to agree a deal? If the MP won’t get involved, remember there is an election in May. Surely the Mail could get a mediator to bring the parties to the table and thrash out a deal. Suggested mediators - Jeff Stelling, the ex-mayor, ACAS, Dave Stubbs.”

Seaton: “If IOR are fully committed to Pools walk away from the Vic, leave it in the state it was in when they first purchased the club, it would end up another Jacksons Landing and build a new stadium elsewhere. Just to even suggest this to the council might make them take notice, but IOR must pay a fair price for the Vic.”