Hartlepool fans to wear French mime artist outfits for final away game of season

Mime artists.
Mime artists.

Hartlepool United fans are set to wear French mime artist outfits as part of the club's annual final game of the season fancy dress event.

Supporters will be dressed up in the outfits for the final away game at Cheltenham Town on Saturday, April 29.

An annual tradition of dressing up for the last away game of the season has earned Pools supporters worldwide coverage in recent years and it’s hoped that plenty get in the spirit again this term.

In the past they have opted to go to games dressed as penguins, Thunderbirds, Smurfs and Stormtroopers.

“We know the fixture is not ideal given the distance and the fact we’ve had a lot of away games recently,” said John Pearson, who arranges the fancy dress for fans each year.

“Obviously the league position doesn’t help things, we know that, but there’s still been a great deal of interest in it so hopefully the face paint will be smiling faces rather than tear drops.

“We always try to give consideration to the cost of the costume and accessibility but we think this is something that will look good as a group and we can have some fun with.

“As ever, it’s about helping all fans have a good time and a weekend away among friends at the end of the season – and fingers crossed the result will mean we’re all singing instead of speechless.”