Hartlepool fitness enthusiast launches parent and children classes for just £1

One of Ami Ford's Zumba classes.
One of Ami Ford's Zumba classes.

A fitness enthusiast is urging families to join her new studio where they can work out together.

Dance and fitness studio Move It with Ami Ford opens this Saturday and offers people the chance to sign up for discounted classes.

Ami Ford

Ami Ford

Owner Ami Ford, 20, from Owton Grange, has been hosting classes around the town for the past year and is delighted to be opening her own studio,in Unit 6, Hartlepool Workshop, Usworth Road.

The dance and fitness instructor said: “I decided to open my own studio so I could offer better classes and new programs for members, and welcome new people too.

“My main aim is to get people fit and healthy. I want to help people change their lifestyles by becoming more active.

“That’s why I do combined classes for kids and adults. I have mams who bring their kids along to do classes, making it easier for them all to work out.

All the ladies and children that attend are like one big family, they are all so supportive and stick by each other.

Ami Ford

“The open day is going to be fun, there’ll be complimentary drinks on arrival and prizes to be won too.”

Ami says all ages and fitness abilities are welcome to take part in classes and those who sign up on Saturday can enjoy £1 classes for a week, which commences on June 8.

Classes include: BOKWA, Zumba, Military Rave, Boxercise, Ab Blast and Zumba Step.

Ami added: “In my studio I’ll be doing some classes in the dark with disco lighting to encourage those less confident to come along and take part.

“I already use glow sticks, party music and encourage members to singing along in classes to make the sessions more fun. It’s like a fitness party.

Her most popular class is Zumba, where energetic dance routines are done to feel-good songs like Beyonce’s Single Ladies and Tina Turner’s Rolling.

“Zumba is incredible, the atmosphere is electrifying. I have mind-blowing numbers attending, sometimes 30-50 people in each session. The more people means there’s more energy and more buzz.”

Ami also runs children’s non-competitive dance classes too, covering a variety of dance styles, gymnastics and stunting.

“I want to ensure children are becoming more active, that’s why there is no pressure within the classes.”

Savings from class fees and money raised by her dedicated participants - who raised £1,500 by taking part in a three hour Zumba session - have helped Ami fund the new venture.

Ami said: “I wouldn’t be where I am now without the support from members who have dedicated their time to come along to my classes and help set up the new studio.

“All the ladies and children that attend are like one big family, they are all so supportive and stick by each other. To all those that have given me their support I cannot thank them enough.”