Hartlepool Great War victims: Cable to Cutter

Private Richard Browning Cable, age unknown, Lamb Street

Thomas Caden, age unknown, Conyers Street

Private Henry Cairns, age unknown, Charles Street

E Calderwood, 23, Bower Street

Private RG Calvert, age unknown, Everett Street

Able Seaman Jonathan Calvert, age unknown, Frederick Street

Private Leslie Cambridge, age unknown, Sunnyside Stockton Road

Gunner Malcolm Cameron, 31, Waldon Street

Private A Cammill, age and address unknown

Private Peter Cannon, age and address unknown

Lance Corporal Harold Cappleman, 19, Scarborough Street

Private WH Carey, age unknown, Burbank Street

Frank Carlin, age and address unknown

Private Harold Carling, age unknown, Charles Street

Private J Carling, age and address unknown

Lance Corporal Jonathan Carpenter, 25, Union Place

Julian Carr, 31, age and address unknown

Private Thomas Carr, 37, Wilson Street

Private Bernard Carr, 20, Albany Street

Stoker Charles Carrigan, age unknown, Warren Terrace

Private Arthur Carrigan, age unknown, Stephenson Street

Private Frank Carroll, 34, Pimlico Street

Signaller John William Carroll, 23, Anthony Street

Fred Carter, age and address unknown

Stoker George Carter, 43, Burbank Street

Stoker Victor Carter, 29, Charlotte Street

Driver George Wm Carter, 30, Stephenson Street

Corporal WH Carter, 30, Brunswick Street

Stoker JR Cartwright, age unknown, Darlington Terrace

Lieutenant Rowland Telford Casebourne, 39

AR Caskie, age unknown, Brenda Street

Private Richard James Cass, 32, address unknown

Private Henry Cass, age unknown, 18 Leyburn Street

Lance Corporal Samuel Cassell, age unknown, High Sarah Street

Lance Corporal Edward J Cato, age and address unknown

Private Harold Catrling, age unknown, Charles Street

Cuthbert Catterson, 21, Hanover Street

Private Joseph Cawley, 25, Beacon Street

Sapper William Chambers, 22, Havelock Street

Sergeant Chas Gibbon Chambers, 21, address unknown

Private Wilfred Chambers, 19, address unknown

Private Allison Chapman, 24, Mainsforth Terrace

Private George Chapman, 30, Catherine Street

Private John Chapman, 32, Hill Street

Stoker Albert Chappell, 26, Briar Street

William Chapple, age and address unknown

Corporal JW Charles, 23, address unknown

Lieutenant AC Charlton, 25, Northgate

Seaman L Charlton, age unknown, The Green, Seaton Carew

2nd Lieutenant William Charlton, 19, Bank House, Victoria Road

Private Henry Cherry, 20, Darlington Terrace

Signaller Frank Dunning Chesney, 32, Sheriff Street

Sergeant William Chessman, age unknown, William Street

Private WJM Child, 19, Grosvenor Street

Lance Corporal James Edwin Christison, 20, Hope Street

Private JW Christon, age unknown, Alma Hotel

Private JR Christopher, 29, Cornwall Street

Able Seaman Charles Clare, 18, Tower Street

Lance Corporal Peter Clark, 25, Jersey Street

Gunner J Clark, 38, Northgate

Private Robert Proctor Clark, 21, Collingwood Road

Proctor Robert Clark, age unknown, Collingwood Road

Lance Corporal John Allen Clark, 19, Walworth Terrace

Corporal Charles Stephen Clarke, age unknown, Sheriff Street

Stoker Frederick James Clarke, 22, Mildred Street

Private John Ellison Clarke, 19, Jesmond Gardens

Private John Clarke, 19, Pilgrim Street

Lance Corporal WD Clarke, 34, Lister Street

George Clarke, age unknown, Briar Street

Private D Cleary, age unknown, Hart Street

Robert R Clements, age and address unknown

Private Sidney Clements, 21, Grayson Street

Gunner RS Clementson, age unknown, Harpey House, Russell Street

Sergeant RH Clemitson, 32, address unknown

Private Andrew L Close, 29, Frederick Street

Private GW Coates, 28, Studley Road

Private Alfred Coates, 19, Russell Street

Private John R Cochrane, age unknown, Burbank Street

Arthur Cockerill, age and address unknown

Rifleman John Cockrill, 25, Freeman Street

Private George Cockrill, 27, Stainton Street

George Henry Cockroft, age unknown, Marlborough Street

Richard Cole, 22, Tennant Street

Private Matthew Hutchinson Coleman, age unknown, Burbank Street

TW Coleman, age unknown, Burbank Street

Private George Collins, 25, Harrison Street

Private Fred Collins, 27, Dover Street

Private Harry Collins, 25, Sheriff Street

James Collins, age unknown, Bramley Street

Private AW Collinwood, age unknown, Snook Cottage

Private Adamson Coltman, 32, Osborne Road

Driver Thomas Coltman, 24, Greenside, Greatham

Private Harry Conlon, 21 Grace Street

Private Charles Connell, age unknown, Durham Street

Private A Connelly, 18, Rokeby Street

Driver Owen Connolly, age unknown, Mozart Street

Stoker Chas W Connon, 23, Albert Street

Private JW Connor, 26, address unknown

Sergeant John Conway, 24, Rowell Street

Private William Conway, 24, Well Street

2nd Lieutenant John Cook, age unknown, Durham Street

Engineer Henry Warner Cook, 26, York Road

Private Walter Coomer, 22, Marmion Road

Sapper James Cooney, age unknown, Garibaldi Street

Private William Cooper, age unknown, South Casebourne Road

Gunner T Cooper, 21, address unknown

Lance Corporal Ernest Cooper, 27, South Casebourne Road

Private John L Cooper, age unknown, Wood Street

Private William Copeland, age unknown, Eden Street

Private Alfred Copeman, 19, Helmsley Street

JW Corbett, age unknown, 5 Windsor Street

Private Joseph C Cork, age unknown, Henry Street

Sapper TW Corner, age unknown, Moreland Street

Private Thomas R Cornley, age unknown, Everard Street

Private Thomas Costello, age unknown, Longmore Street

Private Henry Cotson, 21, Winter Street

Lance Corporal Charles Coulson, age unknown, Milton Road

Lance Corporal Charles Coulson, 39, Hunter Street

Private John Coulson, 32, Dover Street

2nd Engineer Robert Coulson, age unknown, Thornhill Gardens

Private Frank Coultas, age unknown, Sheriff Street

William Coultas, 23, Watson Street

Sapper Herbert Coverdale, 24, Mary Street

Sergeant Arthur Coverdale, 22, Alma Street

Private Ernest Coverdale, 20, Harbour Terrace

Corporal Robert Coverdale, 30, Lister Street

Private Robert Coverdale, age unknown, Eton Street

2nd Engineer Walker Wm Coward, age unknown, Arch Street

Private John James Cowley, age unknown, Lee Place

Private William Cowleyn, age unknown, Ridley Street

Private George Cowton, 23, Alfred Street

Private Valentine Cowton, 32, Adelaide Street

Corporal Robert H Cox, 25, Penrhyn Street

Private John Coxon, 31, Beacon Street

William Coyle, age unknown, Lumley Square

Private William, Craggs, age unknown, Queen Street

Private John Robert Craggs, 32, Park Street

Private Duncan B Crawford, 24, Roker Street

Private Duncan Crawford, 23, Roker Street

Private Alex B Crawford 21, Roker Street

Gunner James Crilley, 24, Ashburn Street

Sergeant Joseph Crooks, 26, address unknown

Private Ernest Crosby, 33, Angus Street

Corporal John Metcalfe Crosby, 28, Hutton Avenue

Private J Crosby, 22, address unknown

Sergeant JG Crossing, 33, Warden Street

Private James, Crossman, 19, Houghton Street

Sapper S Crosthwaite, 31, Cornwall Street

Corporal John Thomas Crowther, age and address unknown

Captain JB Cubey, age unknown, Arncliffe Gardens

Valentine Cummins, 32, Collingwood Road

Sergeant Major TL Cunningham, age and address unknown

Sergeant William Jas Cutter, age unknown, Wilson Street